COVID-19: Crew Repatriation while working from home

With many countries imposing travel bans and restrictions on crew changes with efforts to flatten the coronavirus (COVID-19) curve, it is without a doubt a challenge for all ship owners to repatriate seafarers whose contract has ended.  The shipping industry has been greatly affected at this time of crisis.


With great team efforts, support and encouragements from Owners, PT. SELEBES SARANA and our Crewing Agent, CREW SARGE MARITIME PVT. LTD, we persevered with success in repatriating 8 affected seafarers who have been "stranded" on board vessel MT. ROIL ORCHID ever since their contract ended on May 1, 2020 back home safely to their hometown on May 19 and May 20, 2020 from Jakarta to Delhi - with fully paid wages prior to disembarkation. 


All quarantine costs but not limited to such as; food, accommodation, transportation - for the affected seafarers who had to serve their 14-day quarantine period were covered by Owners.  This includes transportation costst for them back in their hometown. 


Our success would not have been made possible without the extraordinary support and assistance from the Consulate of Jakarta and the Government of India who were consistent, thus ensuring a smooth transistion for the 8 affected seafarers with immigration clearance in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta.  Despite the circumstances, they have shown their compassion and support to our fellow seafarers prior to being repartriated back home to Delhi via Jakarta.


"My crew and I felt greatly humbled when we were greeted and escorted to the boarding gate by Jakarta consulate in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.  When all the big shipping companies of the world are desperately looking for a way out, Mr. Gill, who is the Director of ASIA WORLD SHIPPING PTE LTD together with our crewing agent, soldiered on to find means and ways to get us home safely.  The entire journey have been the toughest one for us all as it has affected our moral and well-being.  Fortunately for us, we received constant support, encouragement and care by the Owners, Mr. Gill and his assistant Ms. Syarinna and our crewing agent which helped us to keep our spirits high.  They have definitely proven that as a seafarers, we were not overlooked nor neglected" - Capt. Vikram Sudarshanlal Sharma, Master of M.T. Roil Orchid.


"The emotional well-being of my crew should not be overlooked.  They play a crucial role in keeping my business running.  Hence, it is was an obligation for me to bring them home safely to reunite with their families and loved ones back in India" - Gill J.S - Director of Asia World Shipping Pte Ltd.



Asia World Shipping PL Ltd, HK was established in early 2012 in Hong Kong for offering Shipping services related with Ship Management, Sale and Purchase, Ship Building in China along with supply of commodities from Singapore, India and Indonesia.  In the past few months we have been to establish and expand our client network worldwide and created high growth with honesty and reliablity.

  • Continued growth has assisted to open an office in Singapore Asia World Shipping Pte Ltd with Head office in Hong Kong. 
  • Presently carrying out Technical and Crew Management for 02 vessels ( Aframax and an Oil / Chemical Tanker ).
  • Recently signed an contract as Terminal Manager for an Oil storage tanker in Indonesia.

Asia World Shipping is an organization dedicated to the preservation of the Maritime heritage.  We interpret aspects of Maritime life which includes Merchant Sailors and Marine Environment.